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Infinity Epoxy

A Trusted Flooring Solutions Provider

Hempstead Epoxy Flooring is a locally owned business that prides in installation of more than 1000 floors over the years. We offer residential and commercial flooring services in New York and beyond.

From epoxy floors, concrete stains, to concrete polishing, we provide our customers the best flooring solutions at the best rates.

Hempstead Epoxy Flooring experts stand for professionalism and ultimately customer satisfaction. That’s why we show up and deliver quality results all the time.

You Choose What Works for You

Our joy is in seeing our clients happy. You approach as with a rough idea of what you need, we avail several designs for you to choose, advice you on the best solutions for your needs, then let you determine what works for you and what doesn’t.


We Outshine the Competition With Reliable Floors

Our expert teams are the industry’s top talent who do their work with the customer in mind. We’ve invested in the best machinery with cutting-edge technology to deliver the best custom results for those who trust us with their floors.

We stand behind out projects and will be available anytime you needs us. Whether you need staining for your concrete, epoxy coating for your floors, or concrete polishing, we are capable of transforming your floors. Better than what other contractors offer our there!

Here’s What We Promise:

Quick and Convenient Projects

Installing a floor in a commercial and residential space requires a contractor that can do the job conveniently and quickly as possible. The reason is that these floors and the owners need to go back to normalcy fast.  Our customers refer us because we deliver quality results in record time. We understand that you need to get back to business and meet deadline.


Our approach to quality work is not imposing what we know on you. We listen to personal flooring needs, advice, and settle on what best suits you. Customization is at the center of our operation and our work is always geared towards exceeding your expectations. Contact us so we can listen and get started on your project.

Pocket-Friendly Costs

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when trying to get a floor finish for your residential or commercial space is the hefty prices in the industry. It takes an understanding flooring partner to do the job well at affordable cost. That is who we are. We, at Hempstead Epoxy Flooring settle on a favorable price so everyone involved is happy. And all this happens without compromising quality.

We Don’t Just Promise Good Floor Work, But a Guarantee the Best!

You can count on Hempstead Epoxy Flooring to finish your space with the best solutions. Whether a garage floor, commercial kitchen, driveway, hospital floors, or your patio, we are well versed with your needs and will deliver quality beyond your expectations. Our flooring professionals are top rated in concrete staining, polishing, and epoxy flooring. We guarantee timely delivery and availability whenever you need us.


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we get the job done!

Whether a residential or commercial floor, you want the finishing to be done properly. Hempstead Epoxy Flooring experts understand this and are well equipped and skilled to make your dream floor come to life. Our flooring specialists are quick, professional, and experienced to achieve the superior quality. We won’t just do the work and disappear, we’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

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