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Epoxy is the Best for Commercial Floors

The safety and functionality of your floors is core to the success of your business. Whether a warehouse, kitchen, store, office, or any other work space, you need a floor that will survive the hardships thrown at it and look good all through. Such a floor ensures your business runs smoothly without interruption from local authorities, constant repairs, and costly replacements.

You can only get such a floor if your finishing is done right. And what better way to finish your commercial floor if not with epoxy?

Epoxy is a combination resins and hardeners that chemically bond to surfaces to make tough floors. A proper epoxy flooring job done by an expert makes wear-resistant floors that look great. That’s why it’s so popular in the industrial space.

What if a just use concrete paints for my floors? Painting your floors might seem as an easier option that’s cheap, bu commercial epoxy is way better option. Concrete paints stain, chip, and flake over time, which makes them costly for the business.

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Types of Commercial Epoxy Applications

Epoxy comes in a variety of shades, qualities, and types depending on your needs. So, you have to understand what your floors require before determining the best epoxy solution. Here are the main types of epoxy:

  • Self Leveling Epoxy, which is a popular choice because it’s easy to apply and produces a smooth finish.
  • Metallic Epoxy, which produces multilayered finishes with an exotic effects
  • Epoxy Flake, which contains flake particles layered in between two layers of epoxy
  • Solid Color Epoxy comes at affordable costs but equally durable.

Why is Epoxy the Better Flooring Solution for Businesses?

Epoxy is not the only flooring solution for commercial spaces. However, it stands tall among the rest because of the value it brings. They are a great when it comes to finishing both old and new floors. You can count on it to make a solid floor that’s easy to maintain, protect your workforce, and look good.


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Wear Resistance

Epoxy is one of the toughest construction materials out there. You can completely rely on it to provide you with wear-resistant floors for any industrial floor. It can withstand busy traffic in office spaces, vehicle weights in garage, and avoid staining and water damage. So once you’ve installed it, expect years of service in your commercial space.

Easy to Clean

Industrial spaces need some standard levels of cleanliness to guarantee the safety of the products you produce. It is a requirement by the government as well as common sanity to make your working environment clean. The problem however is often cleaning the surfaces considering that it commercial environments get dirty fast. That’s why epoxy has become a common installation for industries.

Epoxy flows are easy to clean. All you need is mild soap, water, and a mop to clean your workspace. You can easily remove debris and eliminate any form of dirt anytime you need to. And when you need thorough cleaning, it handles hot water hosing well without damaging. Therefore, maintaining it is not expensive.

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