Concrete Polishing

Make a Great First Impression

Concrete polishing is without doubt a top contender when it comes to finishing floors. It creates a beautiful and durable floor space that is a great opportunity for first impressions.

So whether you receive regular visitors in your home or local authority inspectors, you’ll be confident the a polished floor. This explains why polished floors are good both in the industrial and residential spaces.

You can recreate the feel of your home, garage, patios, pool, and more. Or improve the factory floors, business, school, and other commercial spaces with concrete polishing.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a process of finishing floors to get highly durable and glossy surfaces. You can get a mirror like reflection if it suits your taste! Concrete polishing takes three basic steps:

  • Preparation – where you remove particles that might cause distortion and hinder quality results.
  • Applying a hardener to make the floor tough for the process comes next.
  • Then polishing follows. This involves grinding using various grit sizes depending on the condition of the floor until you get the sheen you desire.
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Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing comes with numerous benefits for the owner including:

  • Easy to clean
  • You can personalize the polishing designs to fit your interior design theme
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Doesn’t chip or fracture if well done
  • Works well for residential and commercial spaces
  • Straightforward to install
  • Shiny surfaces save on electricity charges
  • The floors last longer after polishing


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Better Than Concrete Paints

In the effort to save money, most people are tempted to use paint on their floors. While you might initially save a few bucks with this and still get elegant designs, the benefits won’t last. Paints chip easily, they dull over time, and are costly if you consider long term effects. Concrete polishing on the other hand might cost a fortune and even take longer to work on during installation but offers lasting results. By the end of the day, you get a flooring solution that transforms your space for several years to come, saving you money. All you need to do is maintain it.

Stain Resistant

If you work in environments that experience chemical spills, oil leakages, moisture exposure, and heavy vehicles, you should consider polishing your concrete because it’s resistant to  to all kind of staining. That explains why it’s a popular installation in auto showrooms, warehouses, retail stores, hotels and restaurants, and offices.

Reduced Electricity Bills

One of the top benefits of polished concrete is the glowy surface. It plays role in improving the aesthetics of your space and even more helps light up your space. If your windows allow sunlight in, you won’t need to spend on lighting during the day. And at night, a few lights will work great. Thus the reduced electricity bills.

Relaxed Maintenance

Maintaining your floors helps you retain their functionality for longer but some surfaces like bare concrete can take a toll on your resources and energy to always have them in good shape. On the contrary polished concrete is very easy to maintain. All it requires is a mop and mild soup to get rid of dirt, dust, and allergens.

Slip Resistant

In work spaces, its vital for floors to be safe for the users. Otherwise, you’ll expose your workforce to slipping risks that might end up costing you as a business or land you in court battles. With concrete polishing, you avoid all this because it’s slip resistant and very safe for your workforce.

Whether your concrete floors are old or new installations, you can polish them with Hempstead Epoxy Flooring. The functional, beautiful, and durable concrete surfaces make it a worth investment because you get exactly what you needed. There are hundreds of designs you can choose and tons of benefits for both residential and commercial spaces. All you need to do is contact us!

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