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Deciding on the most suitable flooring system for your place can be a time consuming process for home proprietors, industrial, and commercial business owners.

Epoxy resin flooring remains the most far-famed flooring alternative with its renowned long-term durability and relatively low installation cost.

Epoxy floor coating system stands out from other flooring options not only for its attractiveness but also for its exceptional durability and customization. It is an accommodating system and easy to maintain thanks to its immunity to tear and wear.

What is Epoxy

Epoxy is a thermoset polymer created by mixing two chemical compounds-resin and a hardener.


The resin is mixed with a specified catalyst resulting in a strong covalent bond between the epoxide groups of the resin and the amine groups of the hardener (catalyst) that is brought about by the reaction of molecular chains in a process known as the cure.

Discovering an excellent epoxy flooring contractor may often be thwarting. Fortunately, there is a good share of leading epoxy contractors, who are always ready to solve your flooring puzzle.

The contractors offer top quality concrete flooring solutions. To apply or before using epoxy resin on your concrete floor, it is essential to know what epoxy is and some of the types of epoxy applications there are.

Types of Epoxy Application

Solid Color

This type of application is economically ideal for both interior and exterior commercial and industrial use. It consists of two coats of epoxy-shell tinged with a Polly-shell.  A factor that makes it super durable.

Robust color epoxy application is the most economical solution for a chemical and attrition repellant flooring system. The kind of a hardener that this application uses lets the coating dry into a solid form while it adheres to the concrete.

This application is unremarkable in shop floors, warehouse floors, and restrooms.


This is a type of epoxy flooring application that is probably on the next level when it comes to decorative resinous flooring. The pure metallic additives used in this system are designed to handle the original color chips decorative epoxy floor coating system.

Its sensational, multidimensional outcome has never been seen anywhere before in resinous flooring.

  • It creates a 3D semblance by fudging pigmentation in the metallic assortment.
  • It can manage high levels of tear and wear due to its high level of resistance.
  • It is durable for its coating and protects concrete from saturating harmful liquids.

This type adds a one of a kind elegant and trendy look to your floor.

Epoxy Flake

This kind of epoxy flooring application adds multicolored chips and flakes into the coating. At the same time, it is wet to give it a decorative look. The flakes used in this application are made of different materials.

For instance, there are those flakes that are made of acrylic, and those made of vinyl (PVA). This coating offers a seamless look. It also provides each surface with elusive grooves that diminish slips and falls.

The application has got countless varieties of sizes, colors, styles, and textures.

Self Leveling

This is the most renowned type of epoxy flooring application. It is ideal and utilized to apply over either new, old, cracked, or damaged concrete floors to create a fine seamless surface.


It achieves a smooth, durable, leveled texture on the surface of the floor. This is because it spreads out to fill cracks or chips on concrete floors during its application, which comes with a variety of colors.

It is commonly applied in kitchens, garages, warehouses, etc.

The advantages of epoxy flooring have made it the best choice for garages flooring currently.

Coating your garage with epoxy resin will guarantee the toughness and the unparalleled durability that is always sought after.


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Residential Epoxy Garages

Epoxy garage floor coating is an excellent option for the floor of a residential garage. It is crystal clear that the garage has changed from just a parking place for your car. The advantages of epoxy flooring have made it the best choice for garages flooring currently. Coating your garage with epoxy resin will guarantee the toughness and the unparalleled durability that is always sought after.

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