How to Get Consistent Results During a Concrete Polishing Process

a concrete polished floor

Concrete polishing is a multi-step process that helps smoothen and beautify concrete floors. The process takes two forms: the dry method and the wet method. 

Each of these comes with the positives and negatives. But the dry polishing method is commonly used because of its convenience to do and environmental-friendliness. And as you can tell, it does not use water. On the other hand, the damp process uses water to eliminate grinding dust as it cools the diamond abrasives. Also, the water in this method acts as a lubricant and also reduces friction, thereby adding more life to the grinding. The main drawback of the wet concrete polishing method is the afterward cleanup.

a concrete polished floor

Polished concrete flooring reduces the need for maintenance and also improves natural lighting since it reflects light. Still, it increases the lifespan of your concrete flooring. But, if you do not do it well, the results can be discouraging. Just how do you ensure you get consistent results during the process? 

Inspecting the Concrete Floor

Even before you begin the concrete polishing process, it is essential to examine the surface. This gives you a rough idea of what to expect after the procedure. It also helps you set desires targets like how long the whole process will take, the number of materials you need, among other things. 

Prepare the Concrete Surface Appropriately

Be it a new concrete surface or an old one, appropriate preparation is essential. You have to remove any unnecessary coatings on the surface like ceramic tiles, VCT, or epoxy coatings before the process begins. Also, nothing must be above the ground as this will not only produce inconsistent results but also damage the machines used in the process. In most cases, a diamond abrasive is used to remove the coatings on the concrete surface.

Seal Any Crack or Joints on the Surface

You can’t make a concrete surface smooth when there are holes or cracks everywhere.  Epoxies or fillers are usually used to fill cracks on the concrete surface before the polishing takes place. Even during the concrete polishing process, you may spot several scratches on the floor. Such cracks can be stubborn at times, but if you choose to ignore them, then you won’t achieve your desired results.

Understand the Whole Process

Whether you plan on DIY or hiring a professional, there are essential steps to follow during the concrete polishing process. If you miss out on any critical step, like surface preparation, be ready for inconsistent results. Besides, there are different ways you can use during concrete polishing. The outcomes or expectations may vary: some want aggregate polish while others need a heavy aggregate polish. Both finishes take different steps which must be followed to achieve perfect results.

Don’t Rush the Process

One mistake most contractors make is rushing to finish their projects. While it’s good to complete a particular project on time, doing it without following the steps does not produce consistent results. So, even if it takes days or even weeks to perfect the project, take your time. It’s better to spend more time to produce long-lasting results than to take a shortcut and compromise on quality. Even if you have enough workforce to finish the job on time, do not rush to finish. 

Use the Right Polishing Equipment

You will find very many polishing tools on the market at a lower price. If you plan on buying any, then you must be very careful with the price and quality. When it comes to concrete polishing, the quality of the equipment is determined by its cost. The higher the charge, the higher the quality of the tool, thus it will produce excellent polish without any scratches on the floor and also last for a more extended period.

 But, you can choose to rent the equipment as long as it is the right one for concrete polishing. Alternatively, you can hire a polishing company to conduct the whole process for you. Such companies are well equipped with the right tools and equipment to handle the job up to the desired standards.

Keep an Eye on Air Temperature/Movement

Temperature is an essential factor to consider not only for concrete polishing but also when installing concrete floors and can significantly affect your desired outcome.  You see, when temperatures elevate, you can only work for a short period.

Besides, during the whole process, you must make sure the edge stays wet, which means shortening the width of the pour. While many buildings have systems in place to control temperatures, the problem comes when you have to eliminate air movement. Also, there are specific movements to make when grinding or polishing your concrete floor.

Choose the Right Person to Handle the Job

While there are very many professionals out there claiming to produce consistent results during concrete polishing, very few can keep their word. You see, before you let anyone into your house to work on your floor, you must be sure they are best at what they do. A mixture of knowledge, skills, and creativity is required to achieve consistent results. Also, the experience is essential for any concrete polishing project to be successful. 

Why choose to DIY the project when there are experts like Huntington Epoxy Floors who can help you produce desired results from concrete polishing? Also, choosing a professional or company that specializes in concrete polishing will help produce consistent results. Alternatively, if the person who laid off the initial concrete knows how to polish, then there is no reason to deny them the job. 

You can find a good company by researching online or through recommendations from family and friends. When searching online, make sure to go through the reviews before choosing the company. This way, you can know more about what other customers feel and experience with the company in question.

Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, concrete polishing must achieve desired results. If you have been struggling to obtain consistent results during the concrete polishing process, the above tips will be helpful.

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